• June 17, 2020

SPOT goes for a walk at UKAEA

SPOT goes for a walk at UKAEA

SPOT goes for a walk at UKAEA 1024 683 Iain

Boston Dynamics has announced that their four-legged SPOT robot is now available to purchase. To mark the occasion, they have released a new video, which includes a clip of the robot walking through UKAEA’s In-Vessel Training Facility – a mock up of the JET reactor on the Culham site.

UKAEA’s RACE has two SPOT on order, having trialled the robot last year. Rob Buckingham, Director of RACE, said:

“The benefit of SPOT is that it can navigate environments that are too dangerous for people and too complex for conventional robots, for instance nuclear fission reactors that are being decommissioned. The ability to mount cameras and sensors onto SPOT gives users the opportunity to map and characterize areas that were previously inaccessible.”