STEP: Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production

Developing maintenance techniques for the UK’s ambitious prototype fusion energy plant.
Graphical representation of the STEP fusion power plant

STEP is a UKAEA programme that will demonstrate the ability to generate electricity for the UK’s National Grid. The STEP prototype powerplant is targeting operations in the 2040s.  

Graphical representation of the STEP fusion power plant

Key challenges for the STEP programme include determining how the plant will be maintained when it is operational and providing the potential for the plant to produce its own fuel. 

RACE engineers are embedded in the STEP team, inputting knowledge and expertise to develop remote maintenance processes and technologies. We are contributing to a key element of STEP’s design – its maintainability and repairability, through to removal, decontamination and storage of the main components. 

RACE Programmes

RACE is engineering the freedom to operate in challenging environments. To achieve our fusion engineering goals, we work internationally with end users, industry supply chains and academia.

Developing concepts for the maintenance of the world’s most ambitious fusion energy project.

Delivering the world’s largest windowless hot cell.

Ensuring that ITER, the world’s largest fusion experiment, can be remotely maintained.

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