First fully integrated autonomous control systems platform for on-demand, insurance-driven, SAE Level 4 operation of a connected autonomous vehicle.

Fleet of autonomous vehicles operating multiple journeys between Oxford and London.

Connected risk management to optimise overall autonomous fleet safety and operation

Secure, distributed data sharing.


Reliable and robust communication across a fleet of autonomous vehicles given bandwidth constraints.

Keeping costs viable without any loss in performance.

Integrating cybersecurity, insurance and data sharing into one system.

Target Outcomes:

Deploy a fleet of autonomous vehicles in urban areas and on motorways, culminating in multiple end-to-end journeys between Oxford and London.

Deliver a robust and secure system build with insurance-in-the-loop, and allowing distributed data sharing.


July 2017 – Project initiation

August 2017 – Finalised OS platform design

January 2018 – Completion of V2X development

June 2018 – Vehicle commissioning complete

March 2019 – Trial planning complete

June 2019 – Finalised connected risk approach

June 2019 – Completion of data gathering

June 2019 – Completion of vehicle trials

October 2019 – Finalised L20L4 Selenium development

November 2019 – Final trial complete

December 2019 – Project completion

DRIVEN road map