LongOps is a £12M UK-Japanese robotics project to develop robotic capability that will support delivery of faster and safer decommissioning at Fukushima Daiichi in Japan, and Sellafield and the JET fusion reactor in the UK.

Users at Fukushima, Sellafield and JET need to develop solutions to conduct work over many decades inside large, shielded spaces which contain hazardous material, using remotely controlled ‘long reach’ robotics. The name ‘LongOps’ refers to both the long period of the operations and the long reach booms required.

A major feature of the LongOps programme will be the development of sophisticated digital twin technology – software which links virtual reality with the physical world. This next generation of digital tools will provide opportunities to develop decommissioning strategies, and train and conduct operations in high-consequence, constantly changing environments.


A key objective of LongOps to develop the UK Supply Chain to better support the Nuclear industry over the coming decades. At the heart of LongOps is a portfolio of approximate £2.6 million external research and development aimed at increasing the Technology Readiness Levels of key digital technologies.

Scheduled to start in November 2021, the contracts will explore the potential for a new generation of digital tools focusing on these key areas:

  • Architecture and Standards
  • Development of a Next Generation Digital Mock-Up
  • Technology development related to Long Reach Mechanisms
  • Haptic Manipulators
  • Sensing & Perception in Unstructured Environments

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Contract Approximate value* Invitation to Tender (ITT)
Estimated dates
Opening Closing
Development, supply, install, commissioning of a haptic training simulator system £130k Now closed
Development of prototype next-generation digital twins and simulations for training, digital mock-up, and task development £600k Late Nov 2021 Mid Jan 2022 Prior information notice
Development of datasets for machine learning £250k Late Nov 2021 Early Jan 2022 Prior information notice
Development of robot planning tools for leveraging the latest advances in robotics and human-robot interaction £200k Mid Nov 2021 Early Jan 2022
Technology development for accurate control of long, slender, flexible, high-payload articulated deployment booms £140k Mid Nov 2021 Early Jan 2022
Research and development of novel techniques and technologies for incorporating sensor data into digital twins £240k Mid Dec 2021 Early Feb 2022
Development of low-TRL digital technologies for decommissioning** £1 million Early Dec 2021 Late Feb 2022
*accurate values will be included in the Invitations to Tender
**to be confirmed

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LongOps is equally funded by UKRI, TEPCO and the NDA