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The National Nuclear User Facility for Robotics (NNUF-R ) is an EPSRC funded national nuclear user facility to support UK academia and industry deliver ground-breaking, impactful research in robotics and artificial intelligence for application in extreme and challenging nuclear environments.

Our vision is that the facility will become an internationally recognised hive for supporting collaborative research in nuclear robotics and sensors.

The facility will provide necessary infrastructure and equipment to support significant sector change, both in terms of technology-innovation and culture.

Users will be able to ‘book in’ to access the facilities, which will be spread between 3 regional nodes and for academics this will be for free at the point of entry. For industry, access will be available at highly competitive rates. Additionally, users will be able to loan out equipment from the facility for laboratory development and testing but also for real site deployments. This allows users to ‘try before they buy’ with robotic technologies but can also significantly reduce the cost of research projects by removing the need to buy expensive dedicated equipment for short projects.

NNUF-R will be a national facility for the next 25 years, supporting UK ambitions for cheaper, faster decommissioning and for advanced modular fission reactors and future fusion powerplants.

NNUF Targets

  1. To deliver cutting-edge, active, nuclear research facilities by 2023.
  2. To expand NNUF Phase 1 facilities
  3. To develop innovative technology
  4. Increasing the output of high-impact research.
  5. Support of the new-build and future decommissioning programmes.
  6. Underpin the economic competitiveness of the UK nuclear sector
  7. To stimulate the creation of advanced training opportunities and jobs
  8. To enable research collaborations