• June 5, 2018

Gow’s Lybster Ltd

Gow’s Lybster Ltd

Gow’s Lybster Ltd 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Gow’s Lybster Ltd

Responsible Office Address

Scaraben House

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Geographical Coverage (e.g. UK and Sweden, Northwest England, etc, )

UK and Sweden

Capabilities Offered

Steel fabrication and engineering design services

Free text comments

Gow Lybster Ltd provides a range of mechanical engineering services to customers in the range of sectors including civil nuclear decommissioning, oil and gas, renewables. GLL is very used to undertaking bespoke engineering projects with our Clients that require collaboration and innovative thinking.

Examples of mechanical engineering services include the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of heating and ventilation systems, pipework systems, vessels and structural work.

GLL is fully accredited for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS EN 1090-1.

GLL has an extensive facility in Lybster, Caithness that consists of five workshops including the recently opened

Mavsey Workshop which is 30 x 16 x 9 metres high and houses a 10 Tonne overhead crane.

GLL has undertaken a significant investment programme to increase workshop capacity and develop their current workforce of 55 people.

GLL has extensive experience in working in the civil nuclear decommissioning sector and has over 30 years of experience in providing services to Dounreay Site Restoration Limited (DSRL) and its predecessors. GLL has recently been awarded contracts by DSRL to undertake the manufacture and installation of equipment that will be used in various facilities across the Dounreay Site for:

 the provision of heating and ventilation in radiologically contaminated facilities;  the processing of legacy wastes from the fuel recycling processes; and  the removal of the remaining sodium residues from the reactor heel pool (at PFR).

GLL is used to working collaboratively with its Clients in the delivery of contracts. GLL is not a Client led organisation and we believe that the combined experience of the Client, GLL and our supply chain is the most effective model for the delivery of innovative solutions.

GLL has recently partnered with major international project management companies (eg AMEC Foster Wheeler Nuclear) to provide a range of projects such as the Glovebox Containment. GLL is ideally positioned to grow this partnering with existing and new Clients and we have recently secured further significant contracts at the Dounreay Site.

Outwith the civil nuclear decommissioning sector, GLL has secured a number of contracts with Subsea7 providing fabrication for major spacer including the recent Statoil Snorre Expansion project. GLL has provided a range of services at Caithness Oil’s site in Lybster