• June 5, 2018

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Frazer-Nash Consultancy 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Frazer-Nash Consultancy

Responsible Office Address

Stonebridge House
Dorking Business Park

Name of Key Contact(s)

Pete Gillham Show Email

Geographical Coverage (e.g. UK and Sweden, Northwest England, etc, )

UK and Australia

Capabilities Offered

Frazer-Nash integrated multi-discipline services:
Engineering and engineering design
Concept design, system design, mechanical design, Control and Instrumentation, electrical distribution, electrical systems design, electronics design, EMC and EEE assessment.
Radiation protection, mechanical engineering, radwaste, software substantiation, codes and standards, decommissioning, fault studies, independent confidence-building measures.
Modelling and simulation
Bespoke software tools, process automation, electronics modelling, availability and cost modelling, systems modelling.
Structural integrity, fatigue life assessment, advanced CFD and FEA, failure mode analysis, thermal hydraulics, fluid dynamics, hydrodynamics, heat transfer, noise and vibration, corrosion, shock and blast.

Systems engineering
Requirements development and management, acceptance strategy, technology management, capability gap audit, asset management, reliability and supportability, human factors integration.
Regulatory and policy advice, risk assessment, safety management, safety case management, environmental management, independent audit, independent technical evaluation.
Engineering management
Organisational development, investment decision support, project and programme management, supply chain management, market analysis and strategy, information assurance and security.

Free text comments

We’re renowned for our work in the nuclear, aerospace, transport, marine, defence, power and energy sectors and our security, resilience, cyber and information technology expertise.
Our experience of working in diverse industries enables us to transfer skills across different markets to benefit our clients.
We provide independent, impartial advice to government, regulators and commercial clients.