Case studies
Remote Handling

Joint European Torus

JET is an example of European engineering excellence.

Even today we often remark on the design forethought that makes JET’s remotely operated maintenance tools truly unique.

This bespoke system is the archetype for the remote maintenance for future fusion reactors, with more than 35,000 hours of operational experience.

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ITER : Neutral Beam

ITER is the next generation fusion research device being built in the south of France that will achieve ‘a burning plasma’. This is one of the required steps on the way to commercial fusion power.

Remote handling is critical to ITER and RACE is at the heart of the action.

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ITER Construction

European Spallation Source Active Cells Facility

RACE is a partner in the construction and operation of ESS in Sweden, responsible for the Active Cells Facility. In the hot cell, irradiated components from the spallation source will be manipulated, size-reduced and then safely stored.

The hot cell is designed to operate for 50 years without human intervention. RACE are working with the industrial supply chain to design and supply all hot cell sub-systems, including fully remote robotic systems and size-reduction tools.

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