• September 3, 2020

ITER Robotics Test Facility videos available

ITER Robotics Test Facility videos available

ITER Robotics Test Facility videos available 1024 678 Iain

The ITER Robotics Test Facility (IRTF), hosted at RACE, is a technical collaboration between ITER Organisation and UKAEA. The first Implementation Agreement (IA) was signed off in 2017 and there are now a number of completed, in progress and planned projects. Find out more with our new series of IRTF videos.

IA1 GEPP mock-up

This project was to demonstrate whether remote handling could lower the 10 tonne Diagnostic Shield Module and Diagnostic First Wall (DSM/DFW) into the Generic Equatorial Port Plug (GEPP), without damage, and fasten it in place. The DSM/DFW was lifted by an overhead crane, using a specially designed lifting adapter and lowered into the GEPP mock-up. The DSM was fastened in place using a  through wall manipulator, set up on a scissor lift.

IA2 Vacuum flange tooling/handling

Hundreds of vacuum flange assemblies will be located around the ITER tokamak. During the operation of ITER the flanges will need to undergo inspections and maintenance. RACE designed and built a vacuum flange mock-up to demonstrate that the ITER DN150 standard flange can be remotely separated, checked and resealed. Remote flange connection, cleaning and inspection were completed successfully. When resealed a 10-8 Pa.m3/s leak rate was achieved.

IA3 Small bore cutting and welding

The ITER tokamak has 42 port plug components. Each port plug contains 3 DSM assemblies that require cooling pipe maintenance. RACE designed and built a representative mock up of the DSM cooling pipe, taking into consideration the space constraints that will exist. Using remote handling, the operator was able to cut a 1” pipe using an orbital cutter, maintain the alignment of both ends of the pipe and achieve a compliant weld.