About RACE

Asset Integrity Management

Petrochemical facilities, satellites and landers, fusion and fission powerplants, big science experiments, ships and planes are all assets that require management and protection. Robotics are a tool of choice to preserve integrity, extend life and optimise commercial value.

The importance of Asset Integrity Management becomes clear as the world considers investing tens of trillions of dollars to replace and renew infrastructure. Robotics provides opportunities to extend asset life by providing more frequent, more comprehensive data on condition and to enable maintenance programmes that were not possible with conventional technologies.

Deploying robotics requires change in the way assets are designed as we move from a human-centric integrity management to robotic inspection and maintenance.

RACE is at the forefront of these challenges, developing our own capabilities and forming collaborations to accelerate the development of complete solutions in this critical field. RACE was pleased to support Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s report on Robotics and Autonomous Systems.