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Remote Applications in Challenging Environments
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We are challenging challenging environments. We will provide complete solutions to enable operations and protect people in Challenging Environments.

Challenging Environments exist in numerous sectors, fusion and fission energy, petrochemical, space exploration, construction and mining are examples. The technical hurdle is different for different physical environments and includes radiation, extreme temperature, limited access, vacuum and magnetic fields, but solutions will have common features. The commercial imperative is to enable safe and cost efficient operations.

Beyond fusion energy

As part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), RACE is conducting R&D and commercial activities in the field of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS). 

The UKAEA’s primary mission is fusion and this creates an imperative to develop remotely operated solutions to operate and maintain a fusion powerplant.

We know that we can only solve our grand challenge by working with others. Learning with the best is the premise of our national and international collaborations.

This is taking us into adjacent fields: driverless vehicles, intelligent mobility, smart infrastructure and asset integrity management as well as advanced control systems, augmented reality and autonomous systems.

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Remote Handling


The RACE team of mostly graduate engineers is over 100 and growing. Our unique skills relate to the routine 24-7 operation of the JET remote handling system. We have conducted more than 35,000 hours of remote operations, working mostly on the reactor shutdown critical path.

We have learnt how to make a fully remotely operated system productive. We are applying this knowledge in a growing range of commercial situations.

RACE is being formed specifically to enable industry. Success measures include jobs and growth in the private sector and forming international collaborations to deliver global impact.