• June 5, 2018

Tree C Technology B.V.

Tree C Technology B.V.

Tree C Technology B.V. 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Tree C Technology B.V.

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Responsible Office Address

Da Vincilaan 31
6716 WC Ede (Gld.)
The Netherlands

Name of Key Contact(s)

Thomas Weder Show Email

Geographical Coverage (e.g. UK and Sweden, Northwest England, etc, )


Capabilities Offered

Remote handling application and implementation services based on VR4Robots RH software. VR4Robots offers kinematic, dynamic or hybrid VR based simulation and control of RH-robots, both in designing and validating operations as during real-time control of the robot within a RH Control room.

Free text comments

See : ESS Active Cell Project_00-01.pdf.