• June 5, 2018

Market Cross UK Limited

Market Cross UK Limited

Market Cross UK Limited 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Market Cross UK Limited

Responsible Office Address

Chesil House
Dorset Innovation Park
Dorchester DT2 8ZB

Name of Key Contact(s)

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Geographical Coverage (e.g. UK and Sweden, Northwest England, etc, )


Capabilities Offered

BPEO / BPM / BAT Studies / Optioneering
Clearance Monitoring Services
Clearance Monitoring Training
Criticality Safety
Data Quality Objectives Management
Innovation Monitoring
Instrument Software
Land Quality Assessment
Quality Process Mapping
Project Management
Quality Management
Radiation Protection Adviser Services
Radiation Protection Training (e.g. RPS)
Radiation Shielding Services
Radiological Monitoring Services
Remote Systems Monitoring
Risk Management
RP Monitoring Training
Safety Case Authoring
Safety Management
Safety Training
Shielding Verification
Site Inspection and Audit Services
Waste Assessment
Workplace Accident Investigation

Free text comments

Market Cross UK Limited provides solutions for technically challenging and time constrained nuclear projects. We do this by developing and deploying practical technology while putting together effective working teams of highly experienced and qualified personnel.
We develop integrated baseline decommissioning strategies and plans for facilities around the UK. We are also able to implement these plans by engaging the members of our organisation, thus bringing a wide range of highly specialised and relevant skills to the table.
We are a company consisting of decommissioning project managers, health and safety trainers, health physics operators, shielding engineers, radiation protection advisers, environmental strategists, quality management auditors, plant operators, criticality consultants, safety case writers, software engineers and nuclear engineers.
Our main office is located in Dorchester with the members of our organisation located around the UK. We have been trading for nearly four years. Most members of our organisation have 20 years or more experience in the nuclear industry, some have up to 45 years’ experience.
We are the world's first social democratic enterprise focussed on the nuclear industry. Our unique business model is the driving force behind our success and our ability to provide high innovation at low cost.