• June 5, 2018

Langfields Ltd

Langfields Ltd

Langfields Ltd 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Langfields Ltd

Responsible Office Address

158 Liverpool Street, Salford, Manchester, M5 4LJ

Name of Key Contact(s)

Shaun Pitcher Show Email

Geographical Coverage (e.g. UK and Sweden, Northwest England, etc, )

UK, Scandinavia, Europe, Mid East, Far East

Capabilities Offered

Design of static equipment to various international design codes and standards, in house Finite Element Analysis capability.
Specialist fabrication & high integrity welding services focusing on exotic materials, high nickel alloys and reactive metals.
Typical items manufactured by Langfields are pressure vessels, jacketed and limpet coil reactors, distillation columns, mixing vessels, storage tanks, pipework, heating & cooling coils, dip pipes, furnace headers, shell and tube heat exchangers (which can be welded front face & back face welded).
Langfields also carry out site welding of pipe work using orbital welding equipment or by conventional welding techniques.
Langfields has a number of orbital welding systems enabling us to supply a wide variety of pipework where a clean bore is critical.

Free text comments

Langfields is a specialist division of the Global Energy Group (GEG), the UK’s largest industrial group dedicated to the fabrication and welding of equipment for highly regulated environments.
GEG is a UK headquartered business with £400+ million revenues and over 4,200 workforce.
GEG can boast the UK’s largest pool of staff workers in welding, pipefitting and fabrication.