• June 5, 2018

Ermes Electronics

Ermes Electronics

Ermes Electronics 150 150 Curtis Woodley

Ermes Electronics

Responsible Office Address

4 rue rene razel, batiment AZUR, 91400 SACLAY, FRANCE

Name of Key Contact(s)

Mikael ROUX Show Email

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Capabilities Offered

ERMES is a French Company specialized in the instrumentation resistant to high levels of radiations. Thanks to our multiyear R&D program with CEA (by the way CEA Invest is also a shareholder of ERMES), we introduce innovative products with no equivalent in the world market:
– Radiation resistant cameras : to our knowledge, we are the only Company to market highly resistant real colour camera (up to 500 kGy without any mechanical shielding).
– Different dosimeters for gamma and neutron. Our dosimeters have the specificity of being very easy to install and use. They allow quick knowledge of orders of magnitude in difficult access areas
– Radiation resistant robotics modules and transmission systems (wire & wireless)

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